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You don’t need a gym pass to get a good workout and give your muscles and heart a reason to get pumping! All you need is a few basic pieces of equipment and a little time at home or in the office on your lunch break to get moving. With time and space often times at a minimum, here are a few simple fitness tools that will help you get a good workout in a small amount of space.

Jump Rope
Jumping rope is a great way to get your heart rate up quickly to help you start burning fat in no time at all! Creativity is the limit with this simple workout tool with all kinds of workouts possible. Check out these excellent resources for a few great ideas of how to use your Fitness Basic Jump Rope!

Exercise Ball

One of the most versatile fitness tools out there, and with literally hundreds of different exercises that can be used with it, an exercise ball can be worked into almost any exercise routine. Whether using it to strengthen your abdominals and core, to boost your heart rate or for rehabilitation purposes, the ball does it all! Here are a few workout ideas to get you started.

As simple of a piece of equipment as they are, dumbbells provide a wide range of benefits for improving health and fitness. Inexpensive and easy to use, they are an extremely valuable workout tool that will help build muscle, burn more calories and improve muscular endurance just to name a few of their main benefits. Check out a few great resources to get you moving those muscles today!